How to get started with your zenon Certification Test:

You can request your zenon Certification Test by completing and submitting the form. The zenon Certification Tests are named as the corresponding zenon Training Courses, making sure you can select the right test for the training you have done. The zenon Certification Tests are required for achieving a zenon Certification. If you are unsure which zenon Certification Test to request, please see the overview of all zenon Training Courses here, have a look at the FAQ document or get in contact with us at

The zenon Certification Test in short:

  • Select the right test and submit the form
  • Receive the test link in your inbox
  • Click on the link provided, start the test and answer all multiple choice questions
  • Receive your test result immediately after completing
  • If the successful completion results in a zenon Certification, you will be notified by COPA-DATA